October 09, 2008

The Mayor Wins a Kick Ass Award

Though I'm right in the middle of the KDHX pledge drive - and, seemingly, co-hosting every show of the late week - I can't help but indulge in my fix for a bit of sports talk with The Fox Hole. After listening to the show today, it made me convinced that the Fox Hole-rs were deserving of a Kick Ass Award. And, to my surprise, ringleader Martin Kilcoyne was kind enough to accept the nomination.

If you've not heard the show, you can catch it on KSLG 1380 AM, weekdays from 10 a.m. - noon. You can also stream the show live at the station's website, which could be the poorest site you'll ever lay eyes upon. (Note: the show now airs at 10, rather than noon, so don't believe the site's info, as it appears today.)

By the by, the provocative headline might be a misleading - in spirit - but it's not in actuality, as Maurice "The Mayor" Drummond: is a regular co-host of the show; is known as "The Mayor" (we've said so twice in just this sentence); and is arguably the greatest Ed McMahon-like sidekick since the original.

Could we be more pleased with this year's Awards? Nay. We are pleased.

Posted by Thomas Crone at 07:47 PM | 52nd City Updates
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