October 28, 2007

Firecracker: Maryville Show

Earlier this week, I dropped by the Firecracker Press, on some pressing, important business. Eric Woods took a few moments out of our extremely challenging conversation to press a flyer on me, relating to an upcoming show at Maryville. Well, I forgot to post that up, but an e-mail received this evening, puts that reminder back in mind. For those of you out West County Way, here's a fine opportunity to check out some great letterpress art:


OPENING: Thursday, Nov. 1st, 6-8 pm
RUNS THRU: Nov. 30

The Firecracker Press will be having an exhibition of printed work at the Morton J. May Foundation Gallery this Thursday night. The show consists of poster and printed materials we've produced over the past five years including work that's recently been published in the 2007 Print Magazine Regional Design Awards issue. We've literally wallpapered the gallery with printing and we'll be giving demonstrations on our newly acquired and totally adorable tabletop printing press.

The gallery resides in the same building as the campus library. Park in the Art and Design parking lot and walk to the east side of the library for the entrance.

Maryville University
Morton J. May Foundation Gallery
650 Maryville University Drive
ST. Louis, MO 63141

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|t|h|e| |F|I|R|E|C|R|A|C|K|E|R| |P|R|E|S|S|
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Tel (314)776-7271
Web www.firecrackerpress.com

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