May 22, 2008

Geriatrics in the Hall


On Tuesday night, I took a break from making nonfat lattes for ungrateful Claytonites and trekked to The Pageant to see Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall. I’ve been a Kids in the Hall enthusiast since middle school — a time when the group’s eponymously titled show was in syndication on Comedy Central and teenagers swathed their legs in generous folds of denim bearing names like JNCO and KikWear. Today, Comedy Central airs four hour-long blocks of “Mind of Mencia,” a show as banal as original-flavored oatmeal, and all the hip kids have traded their ultra wide-legged JNCOs for skinny jeans. What with the shifts in Comedy Central’s programming and the circumference of pant legs, I wondered if the Kids in the Hall had changed too. For one thing, the Kids in the Hall aren’t really kids anymore. In fact, their composite age is 235, and they have been on hiatus since 2002. I had my misgivings, but that didn’t keep me form requesting off work, plunking down $25 for a ticket and attempting to sneak into The Pageant’s VIP section. (I was booted from the VIP area when a flashlight-toting usher reviewed my row’s tickets and discovered mine was standing room-only. I could appreciate the irony of being made to leave the section the same way an unruly kid is asked to leave class and sit in the hall.) In the end, it didn’t matter if I sat, stood or maintained a painful stress position. Showing no signs of their age, the Kids in the Hall delivered a spirited, two-hour sketch comedy routine, with Bruce McCullough and Scott Thompson reprising their roles as the Cathys (two white collar women who prattle about inconsequentials, like their most recent diets and favorite Yankee Candle scents, while performing clerical work) and Mark McKinney redeeming himself for that awful cameo in “Spice World.” Okay, Kevin McDonald’s knee did give out during the first skit, but otherwise, the Kids performed tirelessly. Filing out of The Pageant, humming the Kids in the Hall theme song under my breath, my face ached from smiling widely.

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