May 21, 2008


Okay, somebody just sent a strange note to my flickr page, referencing Ed Boxx and the possibility that he was killed while painting:

Has anyone seen/heard/read something about this, anywhere?

I've been wanting to interview this cat for forever.


Just had this sent to me:


as soon as i got on the st louis graffiti fourm at
this is the message i see, it diddnet really get into much detail but
here it is

"R.I.P. ED BOXX!!!!

He was stabbed and shot while painting on the east side. post pics of
one of the best writers to come outta the lou.


then the next message i saw confirming that one...

"True story. cristo was with him and just got out the hospital. dude
got shot in the leg and neck . but will be alright. except for seein his
homie get shot in front of him. shits fucked up.
bump fox
bump cristo"

Posted by Thomas Crone at 08:40 PM | Arts & Artists
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