May 10, 2008

Brewer; Wrestlers

If you just walk around and talk to enough people, blog entries write themselves. In what we'll call "people news"...

* Lori White, St. Louis reigning Queen of Omnipresence, will be given a run for the title of Most There St. Louisan with the re-arrival of Ray Brewer, who's back in the STL, after some time in Indiana. The improv comic, commercial actor and world-class roustabout was spied at both Soulard Market and the garden patio of Hammerstone's this morning; in the former case, clinging to a bag of alligator-on-a-stick. Of course. Hail, Ray.

* Little birdy tells us that... Broadway is now the block for professional underground wrestling. And we're not talking about the long-running, monthly show at the SBAC. Nope, we're talking some type of wildcat, women's only bouts at the Iron Horse (way down on South Broadway) on Tuesday nights; and at the On Broadway Bistro (way up on North Broadway) on Thursdays. Don't know the promoters, the staging, the plotlines - don't know nothin'! - but we aim to find out for you, the reader. That is our commitment to you!

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