April 16, 2008

ToastedRav.com... Really?

Truth be told, I had not heard of ToastedRav.com before this morning. Not a word. Not a single, passing reference. But lo-and-behold, there's a whole, deeply-populated site at just that place, seemingly underwritten by a trio of local radio stations, along with advertisers.

The tip about the site came this morning via a friend of the blog, noting the online appearance of the Gaslight Theatre/St. Louis Actors Studio/West End Grill and Pub.

The clip is here.

Posted by Thomas Crone at 11:05 AM | Digital & New Media

Thanks for the link!

Yeah, ToastedRav.com has been around since early February and we are starting our marketing push now, so hopefully we won't be such a ghost. :)

Clearly we have video features like the one you link to, but we also have a lot of original content beyond what the radio stations churn out and we are ALWAYS looking for STL bloggers that would like to be a part of our site. If anyone has great content out there in STL, I would love to talk to you! Email me: mike [at] toastedrav.com

Thanks again for the link!

Posted by Mike Flynn on Wed., Apr 16, 2008 at 12:35 PM
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