January 21, 2008

Typewriter Tim

Ordinarily, when posting up a little press release from folks, it's our tradition to add a pithy introduction. In this case, the text itself is so wow-worthy that there's not a whole lot else to say:


Typewriter Tim Hits a St. Louis Return with "Typedelic"JGB
(January 7, 2008, St. Louis, MO.) He's the King of the Keys, The Shaman of the Shift, The Ringmaster of the Return: St. Louis' own Typewriter Tim Jordan returns to the stage with a whole new act: Typedelic. Known for his daring performance art and musical experimentation in the 1990s, Typewriter Tim was talked about in all the papers, radio, and on the street as 'the naked dude who paints wild, intense canvases, JGB onstage and makes some bitchin' rap-rock-pop music with a typewriter.'

Ten years later, after successful stints in Atlanta and LA, he's still all that. But he's put some clothes on and funked up the music a bit with a fresh new back-up band. Never fear, the typewriter—and Tim—remain up front, and they're kicking off this new carriage arrangement with a big DING! at the Lucas Schoolhouse on Wednesday, January 23rd.

The sound? "Think organic, anti-pop music," Tim says, interspersed with lots of music-backed readings from children's books and classical literature. "We're talking everything from Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein to Plato, Burroughs, Keats and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Tim says the productions have a very stream-of-consciousness vibe, and no two shows will be the same.

"However, it's done in a psychedelic/funkadelic 70s style and execution. This will be high energy—every song is designed so that it's impossible not to nod your head and dance. We’re talking sexual. Verrry sexual!" he says.

Despite the sexual vibes, it is an All-Ages show in a smoke-free venue. The party should start around nine and taping of the show is welcome and even encouraged. "We want to get the word out about Typedelic," Tim says. "We're not selling our music, we’re giving it all away and every live show will later be posted on YouTube." Typewriter Tim guarantees the audience will be keyed up enough to hit return again and again.

The Lucas Schoolhouse is located at 1220 Allen Avenue, at Allen and Gravois, in Soulard. Call 314.621.6565 for more information.

(Says Brett Underwood:) ...and I've got him down at the Schlafly Tap Room on Saturday, February 2nd with Illphonics.

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