November 11, 2007


Before I jump into the fare for today a few quick things...

God bless Norman Mailer

Muchas gracias to the Tivoli staff and SLIFF posse who came to my DJ gig at The Royale last night!

Sunday Morning Coming Down
The wear and tear of seeing a lot of films has set in. Still, I knew what I was in for when I opened the program.

But I digress...
There are a lot of really great films lined up today. No Sunday blahs here!

Forget the Rams, there's a new team in town, the St. Louis Reels. They would be the awesome staff who assembled the program for SLIFF this year.

Documentary Abundance!
If you are more suited for documentaries then this is a big day for you. The doc programming this year is stellar and Sunday's lineup is amazing. You would be hard pressed to plan your film day without including a documentary.

A Walk Into The Sea
Danny Williams was Andy Warhol's lover. This film looks at his life and deconstructs The Factory scene that propelled Warhol to iconhood. 12:30pm, SLAM

A Walk To Beautiful
A powerfully moving doc about five women in Ethiopia who are struggling to overcome childbirth injuries. The film follows their trek to the hospital of
Dr. Catherine Hamlin, who was featured on Oprah. Just a warning that this is pretty bleak stuff! 2pm, Tivoli

We Are Together
This touching and award-winning documentary is about the AIDS crisis in South Africa and the orphanges it has left behind.
2pm, SLAM

First Saturday In May
So you want to see a doc without politics or international despair. This could the tonic for you. The film follows six Kentucky Derby hopefuls and their trainers, owners and caretakers as they run for the roses. 2:30pm, Tivoli

Hear & Now
Sponsored by the Central Institute for the Deaf, a daring film about deaf parents who get their hearing restored. A profound film.
4:30pm, Tivoli

Election Day
An examination of Election Day 2004, one which was as full of intrigue, wheeling and dealing and chicanery as any Hollywood blockbuster.
This is the forum on the Election Day crisis our country seems to have, but this film will certainly reopen the discussion just in time for 2008.
4:30pm, Tivoli

A film that confronts the racial injustice experienced by African Americans in 3 towns from the end of the Civil War through the Great Depression. Director Marco Willaims explores the social, cultural and politcal scars left on the fabric of these communities today. 7:15pm, Tivoli

Features Featured

A Dutch co-worker of mine waxed poetic on the films of Alex Van Warmerdam. so much in fact that I got a ticket to see his new film. The screenplay won the 2006 Netherlands film Festival. 2pm, Plaza Frontenac.

Getting Home
I went on about this one earlier. A terrific film from China and a nice break from the heavy doc schedule. 4:30pm, Tivoli

A Year In My Life
The French are finally here at SLIFF. A charming film set in the 1950s about a family that takes in a hard luck kid. 5pm, SLAM

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
A new suspense film from Sydney Lumet is nothing to miss. Destined for wide release, this Oscar Buzz film features Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei naked. EEAHH! 7pm, Plaza Frontenac

Children of Glory
I loved this Hungarian film set in Budapest in 1956 that mixes geopolitical tension with waterpolo. A sleeper to win best of the fest! There was a buzz about this film from those who saw it last night!
9:30pm Plaza Fronteanc.

Nina's Heavenly Delights
Yay! A film about curry set in Scotland! Part Bollywood, part Scottish black comedy, this film is sure to please viewers with an eye for quirky cinema. 7:30pm, Tivoli

On a final note, I encourage those wanting to see films in the next week to get tickets now. After today it gets heady and the slam of sellouts and long lines begins in greater intensity.

'Nuff Said!

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