November 02, 2007

Big Friday

Don't know about you, but I wish I could doppelganger myself tonight. Thomas posted previously about Harvest For Art (The Black Diamond Heavies, Bob Reuter, Fire Dog, Jessica Butler and our town's art hoi polloi in one spot - the doors will blow off the Lucas Schoolhouse!) which takes place tonight. But also taking place this evening is Day of the Dead Beats, Brett Underwood's annual marathon reading of dead Beat poets, always a mind-bending experience. That'll be taking place at Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest) at 8pm. Usually I feel squeamish about posting stuff I'm involved with, but I'll only be reading a homeopathic dose of Ann Waldman (who, for the record, is NOT dead) but there's lots more than that: for one, Ann Haubrich reading Kerouac, backed by Dave Stone; the Get Born poets reading various spitfire poets like Herbert Huncke and Bukowski; and Mr. Underwood himself, who traditionally has read Bukowski, but has handed over those duties and will be channelling one of St. Louis' own, William S. Burroughs.

And if you're pleasantly exhausted and/or hung over after attending one or both of the above events, may I recommend a vicarious walking trip, via Claire Nowak-Boyd's new blog, Curious Feet, which is all about exploring our fair city on foot.

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